Why Choose a Wedding Officiant?

The question for today is why choose a wedding officiant? We all dream of our special day from the clothes, the venue, the ceremony. By choosing a wedding officiant  you become your own composer to your special day.  I will design your ceremony in a way you want it to be. A Wedding Officiant can think outside the box and be traditonal or non-traditional with the ceremony style.  I will help tell your  story. As a weeding officiant it doesnt matter to me  if you were married before,  or what your sexual  preference is . My job is to set the stage as you begin the new chapter in your life with the person you love.I believe couples should have input into  the language, readings and the ritual in the ceremony. I am a bubbly, compassionate, open-minded and willing to work closely with you to create the kind of ceremony you have dreamed of you. 

17 Nov 2017

By Sandra D Caravano