The Science of Event Planning


Creativity, Connection, Collaboration, Chemistry

Life as we know it is defined by an infinitesimal quantity of elements and compounds in various combinations. Chemistry, whether it be in physical matter or that intangible yet palpable chemistry you feel with another person, is a driving force that motivates us in life and in business.

The science of event planning is broken down into creativity, connection, collaboration and yes, chemistry. When all the elements come together just's quite magical. Whether orchestrating a large-scale corporate event or birthing a fundraising gala where there was nothing before it, its success all boils down to chemistry.

Event planners must offer creative solutions to their clients. Whether it's bartering a sponsorship for goods and services for a fund raiser or hiring the right vendor for a corporate gig, thinking in a grand way while translating it to the client's unique reality is a must. 

Being a good listener is essential to gauge what the client wants to achieve. You become their genie in the bottle, the missing piece to the puzzle and it's a hefty role to play. Working within a budget, maximizing results and doing it all within the client's framework requires a certain technical skill set but most importantly, you have joined their insular team and are responsible for a project that will reflect favorably on them. Your job, aside from producing a stellar event, is to make the client shine. You've got to know how to communicate and bring the best out in your event partners.

Producing multiple events throughout the year, whether for one client or many, is a lesson in interpersonal relationships. You spend many hours with the client, in meetings, on the phone and via texts. It becomes a real 24/7 relationship that needs nurturing and knowing that, while you lead the team, your responsibility is also to take the cues as to what works for them. Producing events can be scary, especially for those who've had little opportunity to do so, or for those who simply dread them. Seasoned event pros have been there, done that, and ultimately, it's all a labor of love - and chemistry.


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26 Nov 2017

By Hillary Needle